All Hands on Deck!

Friday, February 3, 2017

Velvac just completed a company-wide inventory where practically every single employee got in on the "action" to count every part in every box on our shelves.  Thanks to all who were involved... and thanks to the leaders in the different sites — especially Deb, Tom, Bob & Mike, Greg and Tim R, and Erik and the Reynosa Team, too.

We were pleased to see that the Reynosa Team used this as an opportunity to really clean the plant, moving all the pallets and cleaning off racks, dusty parts and more. It's all part of our 5S culture that is really starting to pay dividends.

Dan McGrew, VP of Operations, noted, "I was also very pleased by the comments of the auditors doing the audit to complete the due diligence for the new investors. He said that compared to other plants, the facility was very clean and well organized and the team was very professional and responsive. I trailed them the first several hours this morning and I was also impressed by how efficiently they handled the audit and the accuracy that we found. That exceeded my expectations."


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