Road-iQ, THE connected vehicle solution to be unveiled at this year's RVIA Show

Monday, November 30, 2015

Road-iQTM, Velvac’s new all-in-one vehicle vision, information and safety platform, will be unveiled at this year’s RVIA Show in Louisville, KY.

“Road-iQ brings complete control to RV owners.  It’s unprecedented, because they can view and record over-the-road video, control their house functions from any smart device and view easy-to-understand vehicle warnings to prevent breakdowns — all in real time,” stated Velvac’s Director of Sales, Paul Hughes. “It’s a game changer.”

The technological advancement offered with Road-iQ, delivers comprehensive vehicle diagnostics along with recorded real-time video views and playback of up to seven cameras to the driver’s dash-mounted iPad.  This provides a 360-degree surround view of the RV, providing greater peace-of-mind to RV operators by significantly reducing blind spots.  Further, the Road-iQ unit controls a myriad of cabin features, from lights and awnings to monitoring tank and battery levels — even acting as a 4G LTE Wi-Fi hotspot. It’s this cloud-based capability that has fostered a new partnership with Coach-Net, a leading provider of RV-specific OEM roadside assistance, to pre-emptively provide breakdown avoidance service by directing drivers to the nearest GPS located dealer.

Road-iQ’s simple tablet interface makes recorded footage easily accessible in the event of an accident, or even for sharing memorable vacation moments to friends and family on social sharing sites. Road-iQ’s remote features offer drivers the ability to remotely view their RV’s cameras from any location at anytime on any device via Road-iQ’s web portal, further enhancing safety and security.

 “We’ve been developing Road-iQ for the past three years.” said Jeff Porter, CEO of Velvac,  “It’s great to finally be able to unveil it at this year’s RVIA Show.  We’ve got units already deployed and OEM’s are really interested to see Road-iQ in action.”