Vehicle Segments

Velvac products support a wide range of medium and heavy duty commercial vehicles, from Class 8 over the road haulers, to RVs, buses, fire trucks, ambulances, walk-­in vans, refuse and fleet vehicles. Our mission is to improve driver safety and well being by offering superior products and solutions that fully satisfy our customers needs, making us better, faster and easier to do business with. At Velvac, we are continuously expanding and upgrading our broad product categories in an effort to exceed the needs of our customer base and changing markets conditions. Below is a list of the vehicle segments that we serve, and solutions that keep you... In The Passing Lane

Heavy Duty Truck

Mirrors and components for heavy duty trucks

Medium Duty Commercial

Vision systems designed for rugged environments

Motorhome / RV

Mirrors for discerning motorhome owners

Bus / Transit

Vision systems designed with safety in mind

Fire / Ambulance

Solutions ensuring the safety of First Responders