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What is your warranty?

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How do I return a part?

All returns must be approved with a Returned Goods Authorization (RGA) number. For warranty returns send your request to technicalservice@velvac.com. For other returns send your request to orders@velvac.com. Most returns will incur a 15% restocking fee and you will be responsible for freight charges. When contacting Velvac indicate the reason for the return, a Velvac invoice number and how you may be contacted. A Velvac representative will provide you with instructions.

How long does it normally take for a product to be shipped?

Standard "stock" items can usually ship within 24 hours. Some custom goods items or large volume orders may require longer lead times. To verify a ship date send your request to orders@velvac.com along with your number. A representative will contact you with the estimated ship date of your product.

What are Velvac's normal business hours?

Velvac's offices are open for business Monday through Thursday 7:00 A.M. to 4:30 P.M., and Friday 7:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M. Central Standard Time.

I would like to be considered for employment with Velvac, Inc. To whom do I submit my resume?



How do I purchase Velvac products?
  1. You can call Customer Solutions directly at 800-783-8871, and we will be happy to address your product needs.
  2. You can complete and submit your product request to orders@velvac.com directly from the Customer Support section of our website. Be sure to include your city, state and zip code, as well as any other information that would help us address your product purchasing needs as quickly as possible, i.e. product you are looking to purchase and for what type/year of vehicle it is to be used on.
  3. You can purchase recreational Vehicle directly through our Order RV Mirrors section of the website. Enter the site and click on "Orders Online" and follow the instructions.
I broke a part of my mirror and do not need a whole new mirror. Can I get just the part I broke?

In many cases, yes. We sell many components separately so you can repair, rather than replace, your mirror. Many repair parts can be found in our on-line catalog by searching on the part number of the mirror for which you are looking for a replacement part, or you can reach technical service at technicalservice@velvac.com.

Do you have a wiring diagram for my mirror?

Yes, we have detailed schematics, as well as prints, to assist you. Check the Resources section of our web site.

Can I obtain a copy of the Owner's Manual for my mirrors?

Yes, Owner's manuals are available to download from our Recourses section of our website. They are listed by Model number.

I broke a part of my mirror and do not need a whole new mirror. Can I get just the part I broke such as glass or other component parts?

Comment: The answer should also be changed to "In most cases, yes." You can search the Velvac RV site by part number or vehicle make, model and year. When you have the proper assembly number located click on the more information box, then the service parts box. Replacement parts will be shown with a brief description of what is included and price. You can order online from the service parts screen.

I currently have manual mirrors on my coach. How can I convert to remote controlled mirrors?

Remote controlled mirrors contain motor assemblies inside the mirror head, a series of wiring harnesses and a switch kit. Because of the complexity and differences in the interior manual mirror versus remote controlled mirror construction the complete assemblies would have to be replaced. Remote control mirror part numbers are found in the Products section of our website.

I have stationary 2025 mirrors and have clearance problems when storing or entering a RV park. Do you have this in a version tha

Yes. You can replace your existing 2025 mirror arms with Revolution arm/base assemblies, which have a fold in feature. See information pertaining to our Revolution arm/base assemblies in the Products and Resource sections of our website.

You offer camera options for some mirror assemblies. Can I add them to my existing Velvac mirrors?

Velvac is developing retrofit kits to install cameras in existing Velvac mirrors. Submit to Velvac at technicalsupport@velvac.com your coach information: Year, Model, Make, Velvac mirror part numbers, and what type of monitor you currently use. We will contact you with a camera upgrade system for your coach.

I have a GMC, Chevrolet, or Ford van with a wide box on the back. Where can I find mirrors to fit that application?

Velvac 2020 or 2020 XG mirrors are ideal for those vehicles. The mirror offering can be found in the Products and Where to Buy sections of our website. If searching in the Where to Buy section, go to Order RV mirrors and you will be able to search by Make, Model, Year and body width.

When searching for 2020, 2020 XG mirrors, what determines the body width?

A good rule is what is the widest part of the body that the mirrors have to see around. Most motor homes or box trucks are 96" wide; with awnings or a wider body they are 102" wide.

The flat glass on my class A motor home mirror vibrates. How can I tighten it?

Most class A motor home mirrors have spring fingers installed which push against the side of the mirror shell and dampen vibration. There is also a method to adjust the glass to reduce vibration. In the Resources section of our website, there is a document titled, "Adjusting mirror head, glass, spring fingers" that will assist you.

I am missing some of the mounting screw and set screw caps on my mirrors. How can I get replacements?

Go to the Where to Buy section of the site, and click on Order RV Mirrors. From there, enter your Velvac mirror part number in the search box, click on more information, then service parts. The last service part number entry is a package of caps, which you may order.

I am replacing the arm/base on my 2030 mirror assembly. How do I get them apart?

In the Resources section of our website, there is a document titled, "2030 Disassembly, head, arm, base" that will assist you.

I currently have 2025 side mounted mirrors and am interested in replacing them with front corner mounted 2030. Is this possible?

If your coach has 2025 mirrors, those are the type the motor home manufacturer specified. The 2030 are mounted in the front cap with a base that has a special radius cut for that particular coach and in an area that has been strengthened to support the mirrors. Some have installed 2030s instead of the 2025 side mounted but it is usually done by a motor home repair facility that is familiar with motor home construction.

Do you have a technical service department?

Yes. It is recommended to first search our web site. Many common questions can be answered by viewing the technical documents under our Resources section or the FAQs under our Customer Support section. You can reach our technical service department at technicalservice@velvac.com or fill in and submit the Technical Service request directly from the Technical Solutions Department section of this site.