A Clearer Vision - US Business Review of Velvac

Thursday, April 1, 2010

The “blind spot” of any vehicle represents a potential accident to others on the road, but for trucks and buses, these risks can have even more serious consequences. However, New Berlin, Wis.-based Velvac Inc. is making it a corporate mission to improve driver safety and reduce these common risks of the road by manufacturing comprehensive vision systems and components for commercial vehicles.

Since Velvac’s early years in the industry, the United States Postal Service (USPS) has relied on it to keep delivery truck drivers safe, and it continues to be a customer to this day. According to President and CEO Jeff Porter, the company’s commitment to continuous improvement and innovation keeps its long-term customers coming back.

“We see a tremendous opportunity to incorporate new electronic technology into our products going forward to improve driver safety,” Porter says. “We began integrating cameras into our products in 2006 and we believe that is just the beginning.

“In addition, as a production supplier to the U.S. automotive industry, we’ve adopted automotive industry quality standards and practices for our products, from an extremely rigorous design validation process to Lean practices. This is something many of our competitors have not done.”

Its commitment to customer service also sets it apart from its industry peers, he says. “Velvac people truly go the extra mile for our customers, and we hear that from them regularly, ”Porter says. “We always try to be flexible and accommodating with our customers, and if the feedback we get is an indication, it appears our customers agree.”

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