Velvac’s New ClearCam™ Camera Mirror System

Monday, May 24, 2010


Velvac, Inc. is pleased to announce the introduction of new CMOS ClearCam mirror mounted camera systems for recreational, bus and specialty vehicle applications.

ClearCam cameras mount to Velvac’s VMax™ or new VMaxIII mirror heads via Velvac’s unique Lower Electronic Module (LEM) housing. The LEM housing allows the ClearCam camera to be calibrated to the vehicle resulting in an optimized field of view for the camera. This camera position adjustment is independent of the mirror field of view, which is adjusted for each driver. Mounting the camera in the LEM as part of the mirror head results in economic savings. It eliminates costs and labor associated with the body penetration to mount the side body camera, painting the camera housing and routing the wiring through the sidewall. All wiring for the ClearCam camera is simplified by routing through the mirror arm and into the body at the mirror mounting area with minimal additional labor.

The ClearCam camera utilizes the state-of-the-art CMOS technology. Velvac is the first to offer this technology in vehicle mirror mounted camera systems. Velvac’s implementation of CMOS technology provides superior clarity and color compared to CCD camera technology. The built-in anti-blooming protection ensures excellent visibility under headlight, sunlight and glare conditions as well as low light conditions. The image is maintained close to “real time” by processing frames four times faster than CCD technology. The camera has a field of view that is optimized for superior depth perception and object recognition, unlike many conventional cameras that produce fish-eye images resulting in objects appearing further away than actual. The ClearCam camera performs flawlessly over a wider range of temperatures, down to -40ºC, and is very efficient by consuming a fraction of the power of a conventional CCD camera.