Velvac Supports WCTC's CDL Training Course

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

WCTC offers one of the premier truck driving technical diploma programs in the nation, with 15 test trucks, 4 driving simulators and a staff full of dedicated and experienced instructors.

Beyond learning the laws pertaining to the operation of a commercial motor vehicle (CMV), students:

  • Explore how to properly inspect and operate a CMV safely
  • Learn about trip planning, loading procedures, weight distribution techniques and security issues
  • Gain an understanding of the paperwork associated with the trucking industry
  • Improve communication skills and understand security issues related to operating a CMV
  • Focus on operational skills and behind-the-wheel instruction of a professional truck driver

Velvac believed it necessary to partner with an institution with such a progressive program aimed at provided better drivers to the commercial vehicle industry, not just drivers that pass their CDL test. As such, members of Velvac's engineering and marketing teams assisted in installing Aero-Cam systems on two trucks - one Peterbilt and one Volvo - which will be used on over-the-road and in-city driver training.

These systems will offer students clearer and more stable, dedicated views of blind spots around their vehicle, providing a more intuitive experience that will help them to make better driving decisions. The Aero-Cam system will also provide the instructors with recorded footage that will automatically store and highlight critical driving behavior that can then be reviewed with students for improvement.

In the end, it's all about helping to provide qualified drivers. The Aero-Cam will allow the students an opportunity to experience technology that is progressively making inroads into all commercial vehicle segments. This will give graduates a "leg up" on other drivers as they compete for fleet driving positions in the future.