Velvac Aero Cam Featured in Motorhead Garage Episode

Thursday, September 1, 2011


Velvac’s new Aero Cam Vision System for heavy trucks was recently featured on the August 7th episode of Motorhead Garage’s Big Rig Edition on Fox Sports Network (FSN). Motorhead Garage is a weekly television series that analyzes, assembles and then advises viewers of the latest products and techniques for repairing and improving a wide variety of vehicles.

The Velvac Aero Cam is a camera-based vision system that consists of two hood mounted cameras and all of the necessary components, wiring and hardware for installation. It is meant to replace convex mirrors currently used for blind spot elimination, by offering an enhanced field of view and better visual clarity in all traffic and weather conditions. It provides the driver with dedicated views of blind spots and passing lanes around the vehicle by positioning the camera closer to the optimal height and width as identified by NHTSA; and as a result, provides the driver with an intuitive visual experience that improves safety and reduces the potential for costly and dangerous accidents.

With almost a quarter of all heavy duty truck accidents caused by lane changes (NHTSA), and a third of all car to truck accidents occurring in blind spots around the vehicle (FMCSA), providing a clear view in all weather and traffic conditions is an important part of reducing blind-spot accidents.

“This is what led Velvac to develop its new Aero Cam system,” said Sean D. Custis, Velvac Director of Marketing. “It’s an aerodynamic solution that incorporates CMOS camera technology and an optimized mounting system that positions the cameras above splash zones to offer an enhanced field of view, with better depth perception and less distortion. In addition, due to the Aero Cam’s smaller profile when compared to conventional convex mirrors, the Velvac Aero Cam system can save a heavy truck operator between $250 - 300 in annual fuel costs.”

For Peterbilt and Kenworth vehicles, the Aero Cam system integrates seamlessly into the Kenworth NavPlus™ or Peterbilt SmartNav™ GPS monitors, and is triggered when the vehicle turn signals or back up lights are engaged. For Volvo trucks, the Aero Cam solution comes with two monitors that are easily mounted inside the cab for an ergonomic and OE-style finish. It’s a complete solution, with all parts designed and manufactured to work seamlessly together.

Currently, The Velvac Aero Cam is available for select Volvo, Peterbilt and Kenworth trucks, and can be purchased through representative Volvo, Peterbilt and Kenworth truck dealers.

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