Velvac Introduces European Style Mirrors to North America

Friday, October 1, 2010

Velvac has introduced two new mirror-camera vision systems that the company says will solve long-standing vision problems particular to shuttle buses.

The 2020SS Shuttle System

The 2020SS Shuttle System takes aim at a long list of concerns with current vision systems that include glass vibration, limited field-of-view and mirror damage, as well as aesthetics. Velvac says the design is significantly improved, mates perfectly to OEM fenders and provides 25 to 30 percent wider field-of-view than most current products. Velvac says the 2020SS Shuttle System incorporates a spring-loaded, foldaway pivot system with detents for home and parked positions. The mirrors fold away easily for washing and parking, and upon minor impact.

A Euro-Inverted Solution for Motorcoaches

The inverted mirrors on motorcoaches feature long, side-mounted mirror arms. Velvac says these mirrors offer certain advantages for ground clearance around the bus and eliminate blind spots normal mirrors create.

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