Velvac Camera System Featured in BUSRide

Monday, October 31, 2011

A recent article in BusRide magazine explains how a camera-based vision system can completely eliminate the blind zones on transit buses, showing tremendous potential to reduce transit bus side crashes.

Paul Hughes, Director of Sales for the RV and Specialty Vehicle Markets at Velvac, summarizes the findings of a research study conducted by the Center for Urban Transportation and Research (CUTR), which evaluated the effectiveness of mirror-based, sensor-based and camera-based systems for side collision avoidance.

They concluded that camera-based vision systems, similar to the ones offered by Velvac, can not only eliminate blind spots, but also significantly improve visibility in all inclement weather conditions, allowing the driver to perceive distances and distinguish objects correctly.

Click HERE in order to read the full BusRide article and HERE to read the full CUTR research study.