Cameras & Vision Systems

Emerging technologies for collision avoidance and driver assistance hold great promise for the future. But even in cases where sensor systems provide the best reaction times, observation of traffic information, routing information and object avoidance all still rely primarily on a clear view by the human eye.

Velvac has developed several camera-­based vision systems for medium and heavy duty commercial vehicles, motor homes and transit buses designed around the suggested optimal height and width recommendations identified by such authorities as NHTSA, CUTR and DOT. These systems provide the driver with dedicated views of blind spots and passing lanes around the vehicle, resulting in an intuitive visual experience that improves safety and reduces the potential for costly and dangerous accidents.

Connected Vehicle SolutionsRoad-iQ is a whole new way to see the road around you.  Integrating sophisticated software, cameras, recording equipment and control modules, Road-iQ allows a higher level of convenience, safety and security.  To find out more, visit our Road-iQ site for all the details.