Height Control Valves

Velvac's height control valves are designed and produced by an ISO 9001: 2000 certified facility to OE specifications, and are a direct replacement for all makes of cab air suspension and chassis applications. They offer non-drilling, bolt-in installation, Shear-Seal® Design which wears in, not out, hardened valve components that resist wear from air system contaminants, along with many other features that ensure a long service life.

3-in-1 Air/Electrical Assembly

Single page sell sheet regarding the new 3-in-1 Air/Electrical Assembly.

Technical Document

Pneumatic Control Schematics

Pneumatic control schematics for Velvac air cylinders, control valves and other air products illustrate proper set up and operation for multiple vehicle application uses (e.g. lift axle circuits, suspension dump circuits, tailgate control circuits, etc.)