Class C RV Mirror Solutions

Brochure that describes Velvac's vision system solutions for Class C motorhomes

Peterbilt 320 Tri-Plane Mirror Systems

Brochure that describes Velvac's vision system solutions for Peterbilt 320 refuse trucks

2020 Mirror Systems for Ford F-Series Trucks and E-Van

Brochure that describes Velvac's vision system solutions for Ford F-Series and Super-Duty trucks, and E-Vans

2020 XG Mirror System with Integrated Camera

The Velvac 2020XG Mirror system provides first responders with optimum field of views, providing superior visibility to blind spots around the ambulance in all weather conditions.

2020 SS Shuttle Bus Mirror

A combination of styling, quality and performance make the Velvac 2020 SS Series mirror the new benchmark for Shuttle Bus mirror systems. The fully integrated arm, base and mirror head not only look great, but work together as a system to reduce vibration, and provide large, clear views of blind spots and passing lanes around the vehicle.

Height Control Valves

Velvac's height control valves are designed and produced by an ISO 9001: 2000 certified facility to OE specifications, and are a direct replacement for all makes of cab air suspension and chassis applications. They offer non-drilling, bolt-in installation, Shear-Seal® Design which wears in, not out, hardened valve components that resist wear from air system contaminants, along with many other features that ensure a long service life.

5th Wheel Dual Camera System

Brochure touting the advantages of the new 5th Wheel Dual Camera System that provides drivers with views of the trailer and pin to assist in coupling. An HDT Top 20 Product of the Year.

4-in-1 Air/Electrical Assembly

Single page sell sheet regarding the new 4-in-1 Air/Electrical Assembly.

3-in-1 Air/Electrical Assembly

Single page sell sheet regarding the new 3-in-1 Air/Electrical Assembly.

Back Up Camera Systems

Single Page sell sheet regarding Velvac Back Up Camera Systems.

Back Up Cameras & Monitors

Single page sell sheet referencing back up side and rear view cameras, as well as 5" & 7" monitors.

Conspicuity Tape

Brief brochure on available options in conspicuity tape.

OE Replacement Mirror Program

Product brochure highlighting the NEW OE Product Replacement Mirror Program for a variety of truck, tractor, fire and rescue vehicles.

Velvac Emergency Triangle Kit

Velvac's Emergency Triangle Kit safely erects on or near the roadway to warn approaching traffic of the presence of a stopped vehicle. This safety accessory helps to reduce deaths and injuries caused by rear-end collisions between moving traffic and disabled vehicles. This product meets all applicable FMVSS 125 and SAE/DOT specifications.

Aero-Bell and Mod Pod Brochure

Brochure that describes Velvac's Aero-Bell and Mod Pod hood-mounted mirror solutions for heavy duty vehicles, which are designed to improve the appearance of heavy duty trucks along with their side vision capabilities.